Areas of Expertise

BSc (Hons) Applied Social Sciences.

This degree equipped me to understand the interface between the individual within the Social, Economic and Political context. 

My journey had begun; the interaction between the individual and society and the range of communities in which we exist, really fascinated me and still does.  I could never put into words what I learnt within this degree, it was profoundly diverse, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Experiencing this course led me to want to learn more about the interpersonal and personal aspects of our motivations, how we live and the dynamic between self, other and society.

Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.


A fundamental principle of Transactional Analysis (TA) is based on the idea of Life Scripts which uncovers early decisions about how we should live our lives.  Another principle of  TA is "OK-ness" where people are respected and valued for who they are.

Transactional Analysis  also helps us understand and improve how we communicate.

In my early twenties, my own personal life experiences had often left me feeling detached and I had a strong need for connection. At the same time, I was unsure of who I was, where and how I fitted in. I considered this another significant stage in my life journey. 

On a visit to the library, I saw a leaflet entitled "Change is Possible", it was the last leaflet. Part of my Script related to scarcity and my own value, but then I realised my own worth was just as important as anyone else's, and I claimed it. It was in that moment I recognised change was possible and I was going to make it happen.

MSc Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (Clinical).

Massage was something that I found I was naturally good at and enjoyed. I embarked on this course of study alongside the Psychotherapy.  It enabled a literal body-mind connection, which supports physical and psychological changes, promoting overall well being. 

For me this was the perfect combination, having myself experienced feeling disconnected, this enabled me to process that and experience connection and integration. I was then able to support other people in their journey through similar experiences. 

MA/Dip Social Work.

My area of particular practice is Children and Families, in which I have been a practitioner since1995. My  journey to this field, my education and life experiences have all complimented this role. The skills have been transferrable and I have been privileged to have worked across all areas within Children and Families:- Safeguarding, Fostering, Children Looked After, Care Leavers, Therapeutic Social Work, to more specialist roles within CAFCASS (Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) and as an Independent Child Protection Conference Manager.


My Approach

If you want to enhance your energy and vitality to achieve a greater level of happiness and contentment, with E4L, as you set and achieve your goals, you can do this and more.


As a Wellness Coach, my core values and multi-dimensional skill set, come together to provide a holistic and unique service.


I will work with you to support you to set your course as you embark on your own wellness journey.

      "Energy for the Life you Want - Energy for the Life You Deserve"